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In today’s day and age, we breathe Digital in all walks of our life. The more dependent we are on technology, the need to bridge the gap between the Real and Virtual Worlds increases further. Augmented Reality allows people to interact with augmented content in Real Environment & Virtual Reality provides immersive Virtual Experience to the user. PurpleApple Infosystems provides Experiential Shopping & Marketing Solutions.
“Experiential Shopping”, “Experiential Marketing” & “Experiential Purchase” refers to the new age
idea of Retailers helping Consumers to purchase an Experience rather than just an object or

This forms the core of our Philosophy at PurpleApple: “Redefine Business Growth by Enhancing Interactivity & Customer Experience”.

PurpleApple Infosystems is recognised by DIPP & incubated by Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society. PurpleApple Infosytems solutions were selected by IIMB, IITDelhi, XLR8AP, SheLeadsTech by FB, CWEHUB for acceleration programs.

Our Products


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TRYb4uBUY is the world’s first AI+AR based multi-vendor, multi product solution which allows users to TRY items like Jewellery, Apparels, Furniture LIVE with the EXACT size.( More … ) TRY NOW

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A Simple way to Connect & Engage with Customers !!! PurplePAGES has the features of recognizing the Enterprise logos, product images to provide the information ( More …)

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Virtual Humsafar

A True Companion While Travelling…. a friend who can Engage, Entertain & Educate the traveller. Also has the Geo-fence & Panic safety features. ( More … )

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Why PurpleApple?


What is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented Reality with Digital experience
Augmented Reality (AR) is the Digital Technology that overlays text, images, video, sound on physical objects. AR takes the real world and projects digital plugins into it, hence bridging the gap between Physical & Digital experience. Empowers brands to better engage with their customers & drive real business. AR Enhances user experience and helps in engagement strategy.

Goal of Augmented Reality is to:

  • Enhance a person’s performance and perception of the world.
  • Empower brands to better engage with their customers & drive real business
  • Enhance user experience and helps in Customer Engagement.

In Short …

AR creates a system such that a user CANNOT tell the difference between the real & virtual augmentation of it !!!

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PurpleApple Client Ahmedabad Cotton

PurpleApple Infosystems Client Charu Jewels

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This is great to see how the jewellery actually looks on you before buying it online. Avoids the hassle to return the product if bought online., Sanjana
This is good for women who buy jewellery online works like charm 🙂, Anusha Stephen
Fun concept to try jewellery, Spoorthi
Good Concept !, Rupa Kishore
Internship concept! Works like Magic 🙂 , Susmita



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