AR Marketing Tool PurplePAGES

AR Marketing tool purplePAGES


A Simple way to Connect & Engage with Customers !!! PurplePAGES Augmented reality marketing tool has the features of recognizing the Enterprise logos, product images, brochures to provide the information.

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AR Marketing Tool PurplePAGES – An Augmented Reality Marketing & Lead Generation Tool for Enterprises

PurplePAGES, an Augmented Reality Mobile application (also known as AR Marketing tool) which helps Enterprises to “Redefine Business” without disturbing the existing business ecosystem. It is a

  • Marketing Tool
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Brand Recall Tool

STEP 1: Register

STEP 2: Configure the images (Enterprise Logos, Brochures, Product Images, … ) to be scanned & the information (Video, PDF, open website, open another app, ) to be displayed when the image is scanned.

STEP 3 : Users can scan the image in any form :

  • Print – News papers, Magazines, Hoardings, Sign boards, Events, Exhibitions etc
  • Digital – websites,Facebook, LinkedIn etc

On scanning the image, information about the Enterprise or Products or Services will be displayed as per the configuration done.

LEAD GENERATION : After scanning the image & the displayed information is viewed by the user, enterprise contact details are displayed


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